World Cup Fantasy Team

I enjoyed managing a fantasy football team in the last Premiership season so I thought I’d gave a go at managing a team for the World Cup.

I chose the Daily Mirror’s site for my team as entry to their leagues are free and they are offering a prize of £15,000.  There is not the remotest chance that I will win, but if I can repeat the top 10% achievement I made in the Barclays Premier League Fanatsy Football competition last season  I will be very happy.

I don’t like betting on the World Cup as without knowledge and statistics , gambling is very risky, so my fantasy team will add a bit of spice to my World Cup viewing without the chance of masses of  money disappearing from my wallet.

It was much more difficult setting up a team full of international stars as I don’t really follow non-Premiership football that closely, but I finally came up with a team!


My team selection was based on careful analysis of the draw and trying to pick players who had a good chance of getting through to the final, looking back through the records of every player to find the best fit for my 4-3-3 formation.  No it wasn’t! I just thought Brazil and/or  Argentina should get through to the final so I will build my squad around 3 players from each of those squads.

I have a feeling that Neymar will be bloke of the tournament so he was my first choice and I could not leave out Sergio Aueuro, Lukaku was chosen as my third striker as Belgium seem to have an easy run through the qualifiers.  Fernanadez and Luiz got the nod for my core defenders and  with Cesar in goal that just left one player to select from the Argentinian squad and that place obviously went to Angel Di Maria, he’s a bit good!

Muller in midfield picks himself as does Vincent Kompany in defence.  Sergio Ramos will do well as a defender and I know nothing about my last midfield choice the Mexican Guardado. Mexico have two games in the first round of the fantasy league as do Brazil so there may be opportunities for extra points – but as they don’t play in the 2nd round transfers would need to be made. between rounds.  It is a tricky business managing a fantasy team!

I expect this team may change before the kick off of the first match!