Facts for new Spurs supporters

A warm welcome to all our new fans! Here are some facts you need to know to be a proper Tottenham Hotspur fan.  COYS (Come on you Spurs)!

Who is the bloke in the picture?

The chap in the white wearing number six is the Tottenham legend Dave Mackay.  he is having a polite conversation with Billy Bremner after the Leeds player had put in a nasty challenge on Dave's leg which had recently recovered from being broken.

Formed in 1882

Our club was founded in 1882 by the club's first president Rev John Ripsher  to help local children.  He founded the football club which he called Hotspurs for the members of his bible class.  Some people think the club has Jewish roots but this is not true, the 'Jewish Connection' came about because Tottenham historically had a large Jewish population - there is is no reason to believe that Spurs have a larger Jewish following than any other London club.

The 1882 Movement was founded recently:

The aim of the 1882 movement is to support our team and the shirt they play in. To sing as loud and as long as our lungs will let us. We want to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well Tottenham were playing.

Find out more about the 1882 Movement at the Fighting Cock website.


We play at White Hart Lane in N17, North London

Don't make the mistake of calling it White Heart Lane - you will be ridiculed! The White Hart is an animal not a part of the body!

Most fans call the stadium simply 'The Lane'.  WHL is commonly used as an abbreviation.  Tottenham is a marvellous place, full of historical buildings, museums and rolling countryside, there is no crime, the streets are always clean and poverty is unheard of - OK I made all that up, but the thrill of attending a game at the Lane is something you will remember forever!

FA Cup History

Tottenham Hotspur have won the FA (Football Association) Cup 8 times.  The FA Cup is the oldest,  most respected domestic trophy in England.  The First FA Cup competition was played back in the 1871-1872 season and was won by Wanderers at Kennington Oval where they now play cricket.

Tottenham FA Cup winning years : 1901, 1921, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1982, 1991

Spurs Legends

There have been so many!  I can only give my Top 5 list, I am sure that other fans will have a different list. This list is not in any particular order.  You can use Google to look these blokes up!

 Danny Blanchflower  - The captain of our double winning side back in the 1960's and Northern Ireland International.  Made 337 appearances for Spurs.

Jimmy Greaves - The most prolific goalscorer Tottenham has ever seen . He would generally score form around 2 feet after dribbling around all the defenders and the goalkeeper.  321 appearances,  268 goals! He also scored 57 in 44 appearances for England.

Dave Mackay - Another player from the double winning side of 1961.  Brain Clough said he was the greatest ever Tottenham player. 318 appearances for Tottenham.

Ledley King - Oh Ledley , Ledley, he;s only got one knee, he;s better than John Terry, oh Ledley, Ledley. Sadly Leldey's career was blighted by injury - explains the 'only one knee' reference,  but he was probably the best defender and captain Spurs have had. 268 appearances for Tottenham and 21 international caps for England.

Glen Hoddle - Goddle as he is affectionately known. Twelve years as player for the mighty spurs in which he made 377 appearances and scored 88 goals. A magician with the ball his passing and vision was truly astonishing to watch.

Maybe I'll add some more later, I can think of loads!  Pat Jennings, Ossie Ardilles, Martin Chivers,  Gary Mabbutt, Paul Gascoigne,  Gary Linneker, Jermain Defoe,  Gareth Bale, Les Ferdinand, Jurgen Klinsmann, Chris Waddle, Steve Perryman,  Martin Chivers .... and many, many more deserve to be on a Legends List!

How Do I Get to The Lane?

Practice hard, listen to your coach and be amazingly good at football - oh you thought I meant travelling to White Hart Lane, righto,have a look at my Getting To The Lane page.

Tottenham Hotspur

Another newbie mistake is to call our great club Tottenham Hotspurs - No, do not ever, ever do that.  The club name is Tottenham Hotspur.  Yes we call ourself Spurs, but NOT in the name of the club.  Some fans might be upset if you use the term 'THE Spurs' that sounds a bit funny to me, 'Spurs' or 'Come on YOU Spurs' is OK but 'THE Spurs' just sounds wrong to me!

The 'Y' Word

You may find yourself being greeted by a fellow Spurs fan with 'all-right yiddo? or 'good afternoon yid old chap'.  Do not be offended.  Many of us call ourselves Yid and this is meant as a term of respect.  Many opposing fans starting taunting Spurs fans calling them Yids because of our perceived Jewish heritage, so we took ownership of the word and now use it with pride.

You will hear chants of 'Yid' and  'Yid Army' at the Lane and until recently 'Jermain Defoe he's Yiddo'.  Join in!

There is controversy though, the Police have said that the word may be deemed offensive, so if you at the Lane and an officer asks you to stop using the word - then stop using it (until he has gone) or you will be pinched by plod.

Bill Nicholson OBE

26 January 1919 – 23 October 2004

The greatest man ever to walk the earth! Most Spurs fans refer to him as Sir Bill, amazingly he never received a knighthood from the Queen but he got one from us!

Sir Bill gave his whole life to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, starting as a member of the grounds staff in 1936  at the age of 16,  and becoming a professional player at 18 years of age.  He made 314 appearances for Spurs and just one for the England team.

After retiring as a player he joined the Tottenham coaching staff and became our first team coach in 1955.  He was appointed as club manager in 1958 when the club was 6th from bottom and struggling.  In his début match as manager we beat Everton 10-4!

Over the years Sir Bill's Spurs won the English First Division title, the FA Cup 3 times, the Football League Cup twice, the FA Charity shield twice, the European Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup.

When he retired he spent a year at West Ham as an adviser but was soon back at the Lane as a consultant.  He was appointed Club President and worked for the club he loved up until his sad passing in 2004.  68 years of service to Spurs.  RIP Sir Bill!

'It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.'

There are more quotes from the great man on the Words Of Wisdom page.

Why do we have a Chicken badge?

It is NOT a flipping chicken! It is a fighting cockerel!In 1909 a former player named William James Scott made a bronze cast of a cockerel standing on a football to be placed on top of the West Stand and since then the cockerel and ball have been the major part of the club's identity.

 Who are our enemies?

There is a team not far away who are know to many Spurs fans as Woolwich Wanderers.  They moved quite recently - only about 100 years ago in 1913, from Woolwich in South London to North London.    To their fans they are known as Arsenal.  Twice a year in the Premier League we have what is known as an NLD (North London Derby), Spurs always win this or come second.

Who is Judas?

There is a man who will forever be known as Judas by the Tottenham faithful.   This man was loved buy our fans.  He played for us in 255 games from 1992 to 2001.  We gave him his chance when he was just 18 and he became our club captain.  He deserted us and went to play for our bitter rivals Arsenal.  he will never be forgiven and his name, though I find it difficult to even type this after he broke our hearts - is Sol Campbell.

Join A Forum

To find out loads more about Spurs why not join an online forum where you can have fun with some proper fans and laugh at the trolls - I recommend Spurs Forums - Shelf side Spurs,  tell them Dorset sent you and you might get a free cup of tea, though probably not as I don't think tea can be sent online yet?