Time For A Change FIFA?

Fifa president Sepp Blatter claims allegations surrounding the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid are motivated by racism. Is this true? We are sceptical of the decison to award Qatar the World Cup, perhaps Mr Blatter could explain exactly why they were chosen.

Blatter’s storm

Sepp Blatter dismissed the investigations spearheaded by The Telegraph and Sunday Times in an address to the African Football Confederation’s annual congress, in which he complained against the “storm against Fifa relating to the Qatar World Cup”.

“There is a sort of storm against Fifa relating to the Qatar World Cup,” Blatter said. “Sadly there’s a great deal of discrimination and racism.”

This seems a serious allegation.  Is the criticism of FIFAs decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup really motivated by racism? Personally I can not see how that would be true, I am very sceptical of the decision by FIFA to allow Qatar to host this tournament and I really don’t think I am a racist or my scepticism is motivated by discrimination as Mr Blatter states. Most of the criticism seems to be based around alleged corruption and actual human rights issues, where is the racism?

Could this is declaration from Blatter be a desperate attempt to cover up the alleged corruption involved in Qatar being awarded the World Cup? If so then that would be a terrible thing to do, false accusations do enormous damage to the cause that all of us support, the fight against true bigotry and racism.

Qatar – a top footballing nation?

I am confused. I can not understand how Qatar could have been awarded a World Cup, perhaps Mr Blatter could explain to us, then we could all stop criticising FIFA and get behind them?  Personally I would have thought that some minimum requirements should be set for a country to be even considered for the honour of hosting the biggest sporting tournament on the planet.

Qatar does not seem to meet any criteria that I can think of. I would have thought that any country hosting the World Cup should at the very least be in the top 20 FIFA ranked countries, have an acceptable human rights record and for it to be actually possible to play football in the summer without dying of heat exhaustion.  So what qualities does Qatar have?

  • A country with a tiny population – less than that of Cardiff
  • A country not even in the top 100 FIFA ranked footballing nations
  • A country where playing football in the summer is impossible
  • An openly homophobic country where being gay is illegal
  • A country that uses slave labour to build the stadiums
  • A country where raped women are prosecuted for adultery
  • A country where women have zero rights or freedoms

Modern day slavery

Over 1,000 people have already died building the World Cup stadiums in Qatar.  It has been estimated that there will be 4,000 deaths of human beings working in appalling conditions so we can enjoy watching some games of football.  It is estimated the 4,000 more will die in modern day slavery to build the stadiums.  This is the truly horrific aspect of the 2022 World Cup, I would not  really care if crooks were lining their pockets with money, but I do really care that people are dying so that I can watch the sport I love.

Have a look at the Human Rights Watch page for some more information or the Amnesty International page, both of these organisations are actively campaigning for improved human rights in Qatar.

What is the solution?

The power is with us! Let the sponsors know what you think of FIFA’s  decision to award Qatar the World Cup  – Sony, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa , Hyundai/Kia, Emirates, Budweiser, BP are some of the many companies pouring money into the FIFA money machine, let them know you will not stand for this.