The Return Of Only One Knee

We’re Back!

This poor old blog has been sadly neglected in recent months, pressure of work, real-life stuff etc. has meant that we have had no time to post incredibly interesting snippets of insight here.  OK, I know, incredibly interesting is not maybe the description most people would apply to the posts here, but you say tomato and we say tomato as well, but slightly differently!

Living In Interesting Times

Some exciting stuff has been going on a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club recently, and some stuff we are not happy about at all.  There have been Twitter and  Spurs forum wars and I will be letting you know (is there anybody out there?) which side of the fight I am on. You can reply if you like, but all replies will be moderated by me and if I don’t like them then they won’t get published.  I am only interested in the opinions of Spurs-Ultras, and I don’t mean loony hooligans like the continental ultras, I mean people who are passionate supporters of the club and not part-time fans who think their opinions are as important as ours.

Bright Future

The future is bright fellow THFC supporters, we have a great young side who are starting to show just how good they can be, 2015-16 might not be the year we taste a bit of glory but if we keep the faith maybe over the next couple of years we will start to see shiny things in our trophy cabinet.