Spurs Premiership Goalkeepers

There has been some chatter in the forums about the ‘mistake’ that Michel Vorm made against Leicester, personally I don’t think it could be called a mistake, the ball bounced awkwardly and Vorm would have saved this 99 times out of 100, it was just a bit of bad luck.  Goalkeepers are subjected to intense scrutiny, any perceived error they make is analysed and used to beat them up.  If outfield players were subject to this kind of examination then every single player in the Premier League would be attacked every single week.

The Vorm debate led on to worries that Hugo Lloris was not going to play in tonight’s league Cup semi-final second leg game against Sheffield United.  Some people seemed to think that Vorm is not good enough a player for our hopes of a Wembly final to rest on and Lloris should play.  My personal opinion is that Michel Vorm is a top quality goalkeeper and I have no problems with him playing in the League Cup games.  Mauricio Pochettino has been playing Michel in these games and to drop him now could affect his self-confidence and would I think be very unfair.  No doubt if we do reach the final there will be renewed calls for Pochettino to replace him with the very excellent Lloris.

Looking back a season or two I remember much criticism levelled against Heurelho Gomes, I liked Heurelho, he is a really nice bloke and despite what some people think a top-class goalkeeper.  OK, he did have a few terrible games, but he had far more great games which went unrecognised.

So, I thought I would have a look at the Premier League records of all the Goalkeepers who have played for Tottenham Hotspur to see who really was the best.  The analysis is totally unfair as it would be wrong to judge a goalkeeper on goals conceded because there are so many other factors involved – the quality of the defense, the types of save made etc.  but these measure are all subjective and so can not be used, the number of goals conceded is a fact and so I can rank our keepers by  the GCPM factor, Goals Conceded Per Minute.

The following table shows all the goalkeepers who have played for us in the Premier League:

GoalkeeperMinutes PlayedConcededGCPM
Kevin Dearden450
Radek Cerny13761591
Hans Segers90190
Heurelho Gomes847610580
Brad Friedel45005976
Carlo Cudicini16942373
Espen Baardsen20252872
Hugo Lloris774010971
Paul Robinson1230417968
Erik Thorstvedt51997668
Ian Walker2139332565
Neil Sullivan57609660
Kasey Keller765012859
Ben Alnwick90422

So without doubt the best Premier League goalkeeper we have had in the Premiership era is Kevin Dearden with no goals conceded!  Who?  Kevin started his career as a Spurs apprentice, went out on loan to 9 different clubs and only made on appearance for Spurs in the Premiership coming on as a substitute for the injured Erik Thorstvedt for just 45 minutes.  Including Kevin , Hans Segers and Ben Alnwick in this investigation is pointless as they only managed 225 minutes between them, so I will remove them from the data and we can see just who the top (and bottom) keepers were:

Premiership Goalkeeper League Table

 GoalkeeperMinutes PlayedConcededMPG
1Radek Cerny13761591
2Heurelho Gomes847610580
3Brad Friedel45005976
4Carlo Cudicini16942373
5Espen Baardsen20252872
6Hugo Lloris774010971
7Paul Robinson1230417968
8Erik Thorstvedt51997668
9Ian Walker2139332565
10Neil Sullivan57609660
11Kasey Keller765012859

Oh dear, that will ruffle a few feathers – Hugo is only the 6th best goalkeeper Tottenham have had in the history of the Premier League, Radek Cerny gets the top spot with the unfairly maligned Heurelho Gomes in second and the bargain of the century Brad Friedel in 3rd place, you can’t argue with facts can you? Yes, of course you can, like I said before this is a totally unfair analysis of goalkeeping skills, but it is a bit interesting?

What about Michel Vorm? Well obviously he hasn’t start in a Premiership game for us yet so I can’t give a figure for his GCPM, but while he was at Swansea he played 7,979 minutes, conceded 119 goals which would give him a Goals Conceded Pre Minute rating of 67, putting him in 9th place on the Spurs goalkeepers ranking list. Rating Michel on his time at Swansea would be even more unfair than the ratings I have made on our own goalkeepers as with any disrespect they ain’t as good us us are they?