Pochettino – you’re next!

So, Mauricio Roberto Mauricio Pochettino Trossero or just Mauricio Pochettino for short has been appointed as the next in a long line of Tottenham managers appointed by Daniel Levy. I have lost count but I think he is now the 10th Levy appointment in his 13 years as Tottenham Hotspur Football Club chairman.

Some of the past appointments have been pretty mediocre, Jacques Santini the French chap didn’t really work out, he managed only 13 games in charge of Spurs, Juanda Ramos probably did do better than some fans give him credit for as he banned the pies and got our boys fit!  They had piled on the pounds under Martin Jol and needed some  tough training which Juanda seemed to provide.  Sadly the results under Ramos were unacceptable and off he went.

Redknapp and Champions League

Harry Redknapp was probably the best manager Tottenham have had for many a long year, much criticised for his perceived lack of tactical ability he got Spurs into a Champions League qualification position twice, we were robbed of actual qualification one season by Chelsea winning the tournament!  Fourth place, although the joint best league position Spurs had achieved in the Premier League was not good enough for Levy and Harry got his marching orders.  Incidentally the other manager who got us 4th was of course Redknapp as well!

Then came the strategist Andre Villas Boas.  He might have succeeded but the post Bale results were awful, the football was dull and boring and so after an embarrassing drubbing by Liverpool he was sacked just before Christmas.  This is where the Levy sacking plot becomes twisted.  It seems that Levy did not have a replacement waiting to fill AVB’s shoes and so after some high level managers turning down the offer Daniel turned to Tim Sherwood.

Sherwood – Hello and Goodbye

Tim had been a Tottenham coach since 2008 and was well respected for his work with the younger players. But, once again his record as Spurs head coach was not good enough for Daniel Levy and despite having recorded the best top tier English football league results that Tottenham had seen in 114 year, Tim was sacked.

The Poch – what now?

So now we have Mauricio Pochettino, the Poch, MoPo. He seems to have done reasonably well with Southampton, his results for Espanyol and the Saints were nothing special but maybe, just maybe he will be ‘the one’.  My plea to Mr levy is give him time, don’t even think about replacing him for two full seasons.  It will take time to rebuild our demoralised team and for the players to adapt to yet another management style.  Some of the rumours are encouraging, he seems to favour fitness and will increase the training sessions, good, we seemed to often lack pace and stamina over the last two seasons.  He apparently develops young talent and that could be massive for Spurs, players like Bentaleb, Townsend and Rose all need to improve and could be stars of the future under the right coaching set-up.

I would also like to see what the Poch can do with Erik Lamella, who I think will develop into one of the best players in the World over the next few years.  Roberto Soldado did not have a great start to his Tottenham career last season, but I believe under the right system Bobby will be scoring for fun.

The future is bright, we have some amazing players, now it is up to Mr Pochettino to work some magic and Mr Levy to give him the time needed.