Mauricio Pochettino Compared

Last season I published some tables detailing the results of the first ‘n’ games of Tim Sherwood, comparing his achievements to the other full time Levy appointed full time Spurs managers.  Now it is time to run Pochettino’s stats through the sausage grinder and see how he is doing.  I don’t think I will be bothered really until Mauricio has a full season under his belt and his ‘philosophy’ sinks into the player’s minds.  I am very happy with the way we are progressing this season – at the time of writing  this we are 6th in the Premiership and still in contention for the League Cup and the Europa League.

I will start with the first 10 games, then I’ll update the stats every 5 games or so.  The figures are a comparison of the first ‘n’ Premier League games under each of the Tottenham Hotspur managers.  I don’t publish these figures as a stick to beat any of these managers, they all had their good points and most of them should in my opinion have been given more time by Daniel Levy, I hope that Pochettino stays on as manager for at least 2 complete seasons before Levy feels that urge to swing his axe again.

Mauricio’s first 10 games

OK, so that’s not very good is it? Only 1 point more than Santini and more losses than any of the other Levy-men.

Mauricio Pochettino104241314-114
Tim Sherwood1072121111023
Andre Villas Boas105231714317
Harry Redknapp105231511417
Juanda Ramos105232415917
Martin Jol1062221101120
Jaques Santini1034366013

Mauricio’s first 15 games

Poor old MoPo is till in last place on points, but it’s early days and the points gap is getting closer. Santini has been dropped from the list because he never made it to 15 Premier League games.

Mauricio Pochettino156361821-321
Tim Sherwood159242519629
Andre Villas Boas158252823526
Harry Redknapp156451916322
Juanda Ramos156452820822
Martin Jol158252719826

Mauricio’s first 20 games

Things are really starting to look up now!  Pochettino has overtaken Martin Jol, Juanda Ramos and Harry Redknapp to move into 3rd place.

Mauricio Pochettino2010462927234
Tim Sherwood2012353728939
Andre Villas Boas20113636261036
Harry Redknapp208662821730
Juanda Ramos2085741301129
Martin Jol2010373124733

Mauricio’s first 22 games

MoPo is holding onto 3rd place, just 2 points behind Andre Villas Boas and 5 points behind Tim Sherwood.  How’s he doing these days? I think he took a bit of an unfair shafting.

Mauricio Pochettino2211473230237
Tim Sherwood22133640301042
Andre Villas Boas22124639271240
Harry Redknapp2210663122936
Juanda Ramos2295844341032
Martin Jol2210573427735

Mauricio’s first 28 games ( Current at 10th March 2015 )

I’ve been a bit busy so I missed games 23-27, but now here are the latest up to date figures for the Poch’s first 28 games.  Tim drops out of the list because he only made it up to 22 PL games before Mr Levy cruelly chopped his bonce off.

Mauricio Pochettino2815584639750
Andre Villas Boas28166649331654
Harry Redknapp2813783729846
Juanda Ramos2810994940939
Martin Jol28136943301345

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