Good Winners? Not Arsenal

Jack Wilshere, that nasty little thug, has once again shown his true class or total lack of it.  During their FA Cup victory parade Wilshere thought it would be clever to grab the microphone and lead the fans in obscene insults against Tottenham Hotspur.

Surely this is in the words of the FA ‘bringing the game into disrepute’? Will he now be banned from domestic games and told there is no place in the England team for hooligans like him? Probably not because these days it seem that footballers are not seen to be role models for young people by the FA.  When I was younger there would not have been a remote possibility that a yob like this could have represented our country.

I doubt if Wenger will punish Wilshere for this thug-like behaviour, possibly a token fine.  One thing I am completely pleased about it that I would rather my team was playing in the Conference than having to to rely on thugs with police cautions for common assault and classless thugs like this to take us to victory.

His nasty tweeting has annoyed decent people for a long while now, his violent nature and tantrums and now his classless outburst just reinforce my opinion that there is no place in the England football team for a yob like Wilshere.  England players should be setting a good example to young players and fans and if this gentleman plays for us in Brazil then I hope we get knocked out in the first round, I will find it impossible to support a team with this yob in it.

I would be complaining if a Spurs player behaved like this and I think any decent English football supporter should be demanding that Wilsher is punished properly, not just the usual slap on the wrist that clubs and the FA normally deal out.

 Wilshere proves what a thug he is