Erik Lamela

Erik On The Rise?

It seems to have taken a long time for us to start to see just how good Erik Lamela can be.  I have always thought he had the potential to be World class but had some doubts over him achieving his potential in the English Premier League. These doubts are disappearing fast!  There have never been any questions over his commitment, sometimes he might be too committed in tackles and I think he needs to cool down a bit or he will be seeing red cards.

Towards the end of last season Erik started to improve and this improvement has continued this season, his performance against Manchester City at the weekend proved that beyond any doubt.  The £30m record signing has been under pressure from certain sections of the THFC fanbase, some moaning that the ‘Bale money’ had been wasted – that is nonsense and an easy bit of Googling would prove that.  Lamela has come under special scrutiny because of the price Spurs paid, £30m is a lot even in today’s ridiculous market and people expected him to hit the ground running.  Some players are able to do this, others are not.  Erik has taken a long while to settle in but it is clear that he is enjoying living in London and playing for our great club, now we are seeing exactly what sort of player we got for our £30m.

He rightly won the Man Of The Match award in our 4-1 thrashing of the then league leaders, he was involved in many of our key plays, provided an assist for Toby Aldereiweld and scored one for himself.  I think with the added pace we will get from our great new signings Heung-min Son and Clinton N’Jie we will see a reborn Lamela this season.  When Spurs play with pace we win, that pace will come from Lamela, N’Jie and Son with Harry Kane freed up to do what he does best, score goals.

Thankfully Tottenham Hotspur have kept faith with Lamela, some may cynically say that is because Daniel Levy is allergic to losing money and would have broken out in a rash if we had sold him for a fraction of his cost, blah, blah… it doesn’t matter, the important thing is we might be lucky enough to see another truly World class player begin to shine at White Hart Lane – then we just have to keep Real Madrid’s grubby mitts off him.  The boy is becoming a man.