Black Wednesday

North London Derby – League Cup

What a black day for THFC, it was obvious from the team selection that Pochettino had zero interest in the League Cup. 8 changes were made from the first team that was beginning to show us how just good they could be.  Our one-time leaky defensive lineup had become strong over the past few weeks, Toby Aldereiweld, Jan Vertonghen, Ben Davies and Kyle Walker- all unselected.  Fazio who frankly has not impressed was called in to play his first game of the season – in a North London Derby!

Tradition, History, True Fans

Pochettino obviously had no clue just how important ALL North London Derby’s are to true Spurs fans.  I think he gets the message now from the messages on Twitter and the forums!

My first reaction to the defeat was that my support for Pochettino was finished. I had been fighting his corner since his appointment , I have been saying that we needed to give him time, he is a young manager with a young squad and we needed to be patient. Then I saw his team selection for a game against Arsenal!  I don’t know if he is to blame or if I should be angry at Levy, it doesn’t matter, either way I see it as a slap in the face for those of us who dedicate a lot of time and money to follow Spurs, we demand 100% effort and 100% our strongest side when we play our bitter rivals.  I don’t care if Pochettino or Levy see the League Cup as a hindrance, something that gets in the way of the push for 4th,  playing a second string team against Arsenal is unforgivable.

Plastic Fans

As much as I was annoyed at Pochettino, I was even more incensed by the part-time self-titled fans.  These people who are interested in our great club, but are not interested in our history and tradition.  These people dared to suggest that the League Cup was not important and were celebrating the fact that Pochettino fielded our second team and because of that we were out of the competition. I will never forgive or forget them. Sadly  Internet forums give these people equal rights and they are protected from righteous anger, so I am rethinking my membership of a forum I have long been a member of.

Good Effort

Despite the team selection the players with the exception of Fazio put up a brave fight. Sorry Faz, I did not see any effort from you and if you can’t be bothered then why should we be bothered to pay your wages with our THFC membership fees, Sky subscriptions, ticket purchases etc?

If Harry Kane’s wonder strike had not been cleared off the line we would be celebrating for months, unlucky Harry, a great piece of defending though it has to be said.

Disgraceful Arsenal Fans

I hope the toe-rags who tore down our banners and threw then onto the Spurs fans below are dealt with harshly and are never allowed into a football ground anywhere in the country again.

Moving On

As I have said, my first reaction was that I was joining the Poch out faction, but that would be stupid.  The last thing we need right now is yet another change of manager.  I have registered my displeasure and it will take a long time before I can stop calling Pochettino the names I am discouraged from using at home.  Please learn from this Pochettino, you get a tough time from a section of our supporters and you had a chance to win many of them over, you blew it.