Biting The Hand That Feeds Him?

So Luis Suarez has again turned into a little girl fighting in the school playground and has bitten an opponent. Unbelievably this is the 3rd time he has been caught doing this. What a complete doughnut this bloke is!

Lenient Ban Handed Down

FIFA have handed down a ban of 4 months and 9 international games to Luis Suarez after he had a nibble on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in the Uruguayan World Cup game against Italy. OK, so that’s a reasonable ban, I still think for a 3rd offence he could have got longer, but it’s more than I expected from FIFA.  I really hope that if this decision is appealed then either the ban stands as is or is doubled.

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch and, in particular, not at a Fifa World Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the field,”

Claudio Sulser – chairman of the Fifa disciplinary committee.

Really Uruguay?

The worst thing in this whole drama has been the reaction of the Uruguayans, their media, their country’s president and the football team’s captain, all of them have been shouting discrimination, racism, sour grapes and that Suarez didn’t actually do anything at all. Are they having a laugh? 3 billion people on the planet are watching the World Cup on TV and 3 billion less whatever the population of Uruguay is, saw what he did. They were even accusing the Italian bloke of pretending, having previous bite marks on his shoulder or Photoshopping the marks to make them look worse, wow, that would be top Photoshopping if he could enhance live TV broadcasts! Uruguay has made its country look daft and I reckon we haven’t heard the last of their pathetic moaning -stop it Uruguay, he got captured, he done the crime now he has to do the time.

I have seen posts on the Internet calling for Uruguay to be kicked out of the World Cup, that’s too extreme but most of the country should feel really ashamed of themselves. The condemnation of this assault, which to be honest wasn’t a big deal as far as assaults go, was not based on Suareze’s race or nationality it was based on him being a raving nutter who should not be allowed to play professional football.

Liverpool Fans Grumpy!

Liverpool fans are complaining (no surprise there) that they are being punished and will still have to pay his wages? I don’t have any sympathy for them, they knew what they were getting when they signed him, it was confirmed when he was punished for racism it was even more confirmed when he bit Ivanovic – but they have backed him and whinged and moaned about how he has been victimised, no, he has not been victimised he has been punished for unacceptable behaviour, if Liverpool FC have a problem they should sue him for breach of contract, not complain about this lenient punishment from FIFA.

The Funny Side

Well the whole thing is funny really. Suarez is funny – strange, disturbed, looney but funny.  Giorgi Chiellini, the victim of Gnasher Suarez posted this picture of him being bitten by a hotel maid:

Giorgio Chiellini - bitten again!

Giorgio Chiellini – bitten again!